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Our car prestige rentals and car hire services at  Birmingham Limo Hire assure you of not only poise but also luxury, and that is what our Bentley Flying Spur is all about. Our wedding car hire services, prom car for hire in Birmingham services, and airport transfer services avail the Bentley Flying Spur, which has a combination of exemplary performance, modern interior and exterior design, and the latest technology.

At  Birmingham Limo Hire,  our airport transfer in Birmingham service has never been better without the BENTLEY FLYING SPUR SUPERCAR HIRE BIRMINGHAM. If you are looking for a comfy arrival or departure, choose our airport transfer in Birmingham services. Our Bentley Flying Spur is chauffeur-driven; hence you will experience a safe car rental and prestige car rental experience. Airplanes prevent you from stretching out, especially if you haven’t traveled first class.

The Bentley Flying Spur has lots of leg space and headroom; thus, you can freely relax and stretch out and ease yourself from all the jetlag after arrival. Why not book a first-class prestige car rental experience with  Birmingham Limo Hire as soon as you touch down? Choose the Bentley Flying Spur in our airport transfer in Birmingham service for the first-class car hire experience!

Our Bentley Flying Spur is also furnished with a tremendous in-car entertainment system; thus, it allows you to have a relaxing and exciting moment during the car rental duration. Moreover, the Bentley Flying Spur eases our airport transfer in Birmingham service due to its latest technology that enshrines the My Bentley App. Using the App, our chauffeurs have access to various map and safety systems that ensure they get you to your right destination safely.

Travelling can be a tiring experience. Who would not love to get home or to their hotel as soon as they touch down? At Birmingham Limo Hire,  our airport transfer in Birmingham service has got your back. Our car rental and car hire services offer you the Bentley Flying Spur with its powerful 6-liter engine and its top speed of 333km/h. therefore, you will get to your destination in no time as our chauffeur will not have to make stops for fuel refills.

Is your squad, girl group, or family looking forward to vacation outside England? Surely you will need a cheap car rental or car hire services! You will need a large capacity vehicle, and the Bentley Flying Spur is just right.

Our airport transfer in Birmingham offers the Bentley Flying Spur. The Bentley Flying Spur has three rear seats and another next to the chauffeur. If you do not require a chauffeur, then our cheap car rental services are still available, and consequently, more space is made for the group’s driver.

Moreover, Bentley Flying Spur has a large luggage allowance of about 475 liters. The boot space allows an effortless airport transfer in Birmingham as you and your mates can fit all your luggage with no hustle and bustle. Book our Bentley Flying Spur and get a smooth ride to the airport and an easy and efficient cheap car rental and car hire experience.


When you book our airport transfer in Birmingham package, not only are you supplied with a chauffeur and smooth rides but also a bottle of water, a glass of champagne, Wi-Fi, and a VIP  car rental experience.


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