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BMW X5 Sports Car Hire & Car Rental

BMW X5 Sports Car RentalThe BMW X5 is a beautiful, mid-sized, well-built, luxurious SUV with rear-wheel drive. It was produced by BMW, which is a Germany based company which also owned land rover and benefitted greatly from its technology. The BMW X5 Sports Car Hire & Car Rental was first unveiled in 1999 and was available in both manual and automatic transmission. Despite its size, the BMW X5 is branded as a sports car for emphasis on its on-road performance. Several generations of the sports car have been released. The first generation, namely E53, was released between 1999 - 2006. The second-generation, namely E70, was released between 2006 – 2013. The third generation F15 was released between 2013 – 2018, and the fourth generation, namely the G05, is the presence of the sports car.

If you are looking for an SUV, which is also a sports car for vacations with friends and family or whatever the occasion, opt for the plush BMW X5. This sports car is for car hire and has been a great attraction to many car rental services. The rental car has a commanding and impressive exterior, which shows its aggressive performance off and on the road. The sports car all-wheel-drive system also doesn’t disappoint as it provides terrific traction on all terrains. During its development of the BMW, attributes of an SUV were perfectly blended with the high capabilities and amenities contained in a luxurious sports car. With its newly developed chassis and a powerful engine, the beauty, which is for prestige car hire, has a phenomenal acceleration reaching 60mph in 7 seconds, adding to the many reasons it is referred to as a sports car. It also has a fashionable interior in the BMW trademark styled in a lot of wood paneling and incredibly soft leather.BMW X5 sports cars hire

We provide excellent services for car rental services for wedding car hire in Birmingham. The BMW X5 sports car is a perfect choice for a wedding car hire as it fast and has more than plenty of space for such a special occasion. The sports car can accommodate seven passengers comfortably with more than enough legroom to stretch out. With its top-notch performance and magnificent interior, you and your company will have a memorable time in the rental car. With our wedding car hire services, you will enter and elegantly leave the special occasion. Our wedding car hire in Birmingham is backed up by several reviews as we provide only the best of the best wedding car hire services. Give us a chance to make your day more memorable!!

The BMW X5 sports car is also for car hire in the prom car hire Birmingham. It is highly fashionable for such an occasion and will surely impress your company and the onlookers. For prom car hire Birmingham, the prestige car hire is perfect for taking unforgettable pictures.

Hire our BMW X5 and view our other rental car services as we offer several sports cars and others for prestige car hire.


Have you been looking for an unforgettable car rental service experience? Look no further. The BMW X5 is perfect for occasions like the wedding car hire Birmingham, prestige car hire, prom car hire Birmingham, and much more comfortably.

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