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Are you eager to have an amazing and unforgettable experience in the luxurious and classic Ferrari California sports car? We, the Limo Hire London car hire company are willing to give you this unforgettable sports car experience with our sports car hire London services. Our sports car hire services offer special car rentals to our esteemed customers at a cheap car rental price. Imagine having a ride in the exquisite Ferrari California sports car at a cheap car rental cost. Wouldn’t that be nice? Our car hire company is willing to give this joyful experience.

The Ferrari California is an extraordinary, pleasant super fast, and opulent sports car. It has a striking exterior décor that no one would miss. Its producer is an Italian Automotive Manufacturer, Ferrari. This distinguished sports car rental is a two-door coupe convertible sports car and had its first debut in 2008. The sports car is available in two models: California 30 which was introduced in 2012 and California T introduced in 2014. If you would like the one that is light in weight but also powerful, we advise you to go for the California 30. If your interest is exploring quickness and agility, the California T sports car would be best suited for you. The Ferrari California sports has pleased a lot of people who use our supercar hire services. With a variable power transmission to rear wheels, the sports car will give out an exceptional performance. This sports car for car hire would be a superb choice for you.

Due to its classic look, the Ferrari California sports car has mostly been preferred for use in classic events too. For instance, if you have been invited to a high-class private party, it would be a good choice. To complement your outstanding dressing code, book for our cheap car rentals to get the outstanding Ferrari California sports car. You don’t have to worry about picking the sports car for rental from the car hire company as we will bring it to your doorstep. In such events, everyone always puts an extra effort to be extraordinary and by using our car hire services, you will fit in too.

Apart from that, the sports car can be suitable for a wedding occasion. Perhaps you have been invited to a wedding and you don’t have an exquisite car for the event. Relax and let us take control of our sports car hire services. We highly recommend that you try this sports car and watch as you leave everyone in awe. Our cheap car rentals are available for our customers for whichever reasons they would like. We are here to make our dreams come true with our car hire service.


For an unforgettable car hire experience, work with our sports car rental services. We assure you that you will get the best cheap car rental services. For more information on our car hire and cheap car rental services please visit our website. You will be guided on the best car hire packages to use and the best car rentals to pick from as well. 

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