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A FIRE ENGINE LIMO HIRE – LIMOUSINE HIRE BIRMINGHAM is basically a fire engine that has been turned into a limousine. It is driven by two men dressed like firemen, has a siren and the blue light signal turned on. From the outside, it can easily be mistaken for an actual fire engine limo hire vehicle. The shock on you when you get on board! The interior of the fire machine is nothing but superb. It has a full-sized bar, with all types of drinks. Even your favorite drink is available on board!

Why hire a fire engine limo hire in Birmingham? 

Do you want to have an astonishing night with friends but don’t want to go to the usual night clubs? Lucky for you, at Birmingham Limo Hire, we have the best alternative for you. Have you ever tried the fire engine limo hire? The unique fire engine limo for hire in Birmingham is one of the most preferred party limos. This limo for hire in Birmingham will give you the best experience as you have fun with friends. It is more than what meets the eye.

Our fire engine limos in Birmingham are all insured and all the safety precautions are taken for our customer’s safety. When you book for our Birmingham limo Services, we always ensure that you enjoy yourself and at the same time, being safe. Our customer’s safety is our topmost priority. That is why we have assigned the Birmingham limo service to the best drivers we have. All our drivers are well trained and are familiar with the rules on how to take care of our customers. There have been many circumstances where customers complained about the service given by our drivers. On top of that, our drivers always dress up as firefighters to make it seem like it is a real fire engine. In case of any violation, feel free to report to us and the right action will be taken.

A party with a fire engine is a complete one. This striking limo for hire in Birmingham is ideal for hen nights. It would be a perfect way to spend your hen night with your girlfriends. Onboard, there is a fully equipped bar where everyone severs themselves. The unique fire engine limo hire for hire in Birmingham is also popular for hire during prom nights. Start having fun right from your doorstep before you get to the prom event.

Kids may sometimes look up to firefighters and even want to be like them when they grow up. Why don’t you make your child’s dream come true by hiring this fantastic limo in Birmingham for your kid and his/her friends to have fun in for birthday parties? Don’t worry we will have drinks that are for children, we do not serve alcohol to under 18s. The kids will be happy to take photos with our drivers who will be dressed like firefighters. When we come to pick them up, we will have the siren and blue lights on. Just like the actual fire engine machine, we are sure this will excite your kids.

Our limos for hire in Birmingham are very safe for you. We make sure the fire engine is in good shape for use, cleaned after every use, and is roadworthy. The limos for hire in Birmingham have a legal permit to carry passengers. No need to worry about being busted by cops. For your enjoyment, we have a karaoke machine, a fully equipped bar, bubble machine, and mirror ceilings to get you into a party mood. No party would be complete without one of these spectacular limos for hire in Birmingham. This unique fire engine limo has leather seats that are very comfortable. The vehicle has a carrying capacity of 8-16 people. Our fire engine limo for hire in Birmingham is available in red. Contact us for more information about this Birmingham limo.

The services provided by Birmingham limo hire are all affordable. Our cheap limo hire in prices in Birmingham applies to all our limos, including the fire engine limo hire. The price of getting a fire engine limo for hire in Birmingham is dependent on the number of hours you would like. Pick up and drop off points are also price determinants. If you ask around, you will gather news that Birmingham limos are the best you can get. Our cheap limo hire in Birmingham services are available for multiple occasions. We do not limit our customers to specific uses of the Birmingham limos. The only one limiting you is you! Whichever the occasion, contact us if you need to use the Birmingham limos. Our cheap limo hire in Birmingham services will give you the best experience for your special days.

Now that we have given you a reason for hiring the amazing fire engine limo, why don’t you make the arrangements and contact us? This Birmingham limo is suitable for all sorts of parties you could think of. Have that wonderful night out with your friends today. Let us help you have a good and fun experience for such a fun event. Remember that all our Birmingham Limos are offered at a cheap limo hire prices.  We provide excellent services to our customers and ensure they get a wonderful experience. Your safety is our top priority and we have measures that ensure your safety. The other top priority is that our customers get satisfaction from our Birmingham limos.


Birmingham limos are the best limos for hire in town. Not only will you get value for your money, but also enjoy a wonderful moment with friends and family. Memories are important and we would like to be a part of yours too. All you have to do is contact us through our website, and let us take care of your needs. Our cheap limo hire in Birmingham Services are available for you. We highly recommend that you try our fire engine limo hire for Birmingham. 

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