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LAMBORGHINI URUS Sports Car | Birmingham Lamborghini Hire

There has constantly been growing demand for SUVs in the market, and for this reason, most if not all manufacturers of luxury sports cars work hard every day to ensure one of their cars is on the market too. In the history of vehicle manufacturing, there had never been a sports car that serves both as a super sports car and as an SUV at the same time until when the Lamborghini Urus sports car was put out into the market. This sports car has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo, a V8 engine, a maximum speed of 190mph, and accelerates from 0-62 in 3.6 seconds. The interior design is exquisite, and very comfortable even when off the road. What’s even enticing about this car is, it has a carrying capacity of up to 4 passengers. Isn’t this amazing?

After its release, the LAMBORGHINI URUS Sports Car | Birmingham Lamborghini Hire became people’s favorite SUV sports car. The Lamborghini Urus sports car is for car hire and many have been impressed by what it can do. It has even been used in weddings for the groom to ride in. So, if you were thinking about having this sports car as your wedding car for hire in Birmingham, join hands with us and let us provide you with our expertise in car rental services. We are Birmingham Limo Hire, a company where you can get all the car rental sports cars that you would want and all at a cheap car rental price.

With its superb interior design and comfortable seats, you will fill with bliss, and wouldn’t it even be more perfect if you took your wife out for a ride in the LAMBORGHINI URUS Sports Car - Lamborghini Hire after the wedding? Backed up by various reviews on wedding car hire in Birmingham, our wedding car hire services have proven to be the best in this line of business. Why not make your special day more special with our car hire service? Get quality car hire service at a cheap car rental rate with us. Put your faith and trust in us and we will deliver the wedding car hire service in Birmingham as promised.

The cheap car rental prices are available for everyone, even for those who would love to take the prestige car hire package for sports cars like the Lamborghini Urus. Don’t let the belief that Lamborghini is an expensive car keep you away from driving your dream sports car on your wedding day. At Birmingham Limo Hire, we make the impossible possible with our cheap car rental rates, and the package is available to all types of cars.


If you desire to have an astonishing car hire experience, Birmingham Limo Hire is the place for you. Our car hire deals are offered at a cheap car rental rate and are versatile. Partner with us for a great wedding car hire in Birmingham experience or any other car rental services that you will need. We highly recommend the Lamborghini Urus sports car for wedding car hires. Do not settle for just any car that is not your dream car. 

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