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Range Rover Evoque Prestige Car Hire – Birmingham Sports Car

Would you love to get a full5-star rated car rental and car hire services? If so, check out Birmingham Limo Hire. At Birmingham Limo Hire we not only combine poise in car rental services but also luxury. Our Range Rover Evoque is one of our full five stars rated prestige car hire options. The Range Rover Evoque is safe for use enabled by its safety features such as automatic emergency brakes, cruise controls, a driver alert sensor, an adaptive speed limiter, driver, and passenger airbags in case the car crashes. Moreover, the Range Rover Evoque has an infotainment system that avails explore maps and traffic updates hence you can’t lose your way to your destination especially i9n a new area. Book our wedding car hire in Birmingham services and be assured of a safe drive to your wedding destination.

Furthermore, the Range Rover Evoque is suitable due to the reliability it offers our car rental and car hire, customers. The car has a dynamic stability control aspect that ensures the vehicle stays steady.it does so by minimizing the engine’s torque and ensuring that the vehicle does not understeer or oversteer when the brakes are applied.

Spice up your prom, wedding, and road trip memories and moments by booking our Range Rover Evoque in our prestige car hire package. Our car rental and car hire services make sure that road trips are never boring. Weddings and proms can really make you tense.

if you need to shake it up while still on your way choose our wedding car hire Birmingham services and prom car hire in Birmingham services. The Range Rover Evoque has state-of-the-art technology thus, an exemplary infotainment system with tremendous speakers that allow you to feel the music.

Moreover, the digital infotainment system is supported by an internet connection thus you can listen to your online playlists in apps such as Deezer and TuneIn. The infotainment system also has clear and high-resolution images that allow you to control the touch screen with ease.

You should always opt to look for cost-effective car rental and car hire services. Our cheap car rental services enable you to save up your coin to the fullest while still traveling in luxury and comfort. Therefore, choose our prestigious car rental service and hire the Range Rover Evoque.

The Range Rover Evoque has a terrific Ingenium engine that is not only fuel economy friendly but also energy saving as it stores energy that would otherwise be wasted during deceleration to be used during acceleration.


Are you a bride? why not seek comfort for you and your bridal party on your drive to the wedding venue using our prestigious car hire services? Our wedding car hire in Birmingham package offers the Range Rover Evoque so that you and your bridal party can not only travel in comfort but exquisite style. The Range Rover Evoque’s exquisite and up-market interior is accentuated by its smooth leather upholstered seats and air conditioner controls. Furthermore, its adjustable seats assure brides with glamorous and big wedding gowns that can fit in perfectly and arrive with a  wrinkle-free dress. Book our car rental packages for a satisfying wedding hire car experience.

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