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Range Rover Sport SVR Sports Cars Hire

Travelling has just been made easier and cost-effective through our cheap car rental rates and car hire services. Check us out at Birmingham Limo Hire for your various car rental and car hire needs.

Our Range Rover SVR happens to be our most versatile vehicle for all car rental and car hire customers with various needs. The Range Rover SVR is a stunning and functional car rental option. To begin with, it is suitable for our car rental and car hire customers looking into airport transfers in the Birmingham package. The Range Rover SVR has magnanimous boot space; thus, it is efficient for families seeking airport transfer car rental services. The Range Rover SVR has about capacity that ranges from 798 liters to 576 liters. Therefore, the whole family can fit their travel luggage as all the luggage can be accommodated.

Another reason why the Range Rover SVR should be your car rental choice for your airport transfers in the Birmingham package is its comfort. No one likes spending money on car rental and car hire services and still have a frustrating journey! Through our prestigious car rental service, the Range Rover SVR offers all our car rental and car hire customers the utmost comfort. The vehicle has adjustable front seats that allow the driver to be in a commanding and comfortable driving position. The vehicle also allows its occupants a lot of room to stretch due to its extensive headroom, shoulder room, and legroom.

Normally, airport transfers are expected to be fast to enable this departing to be at the airport on time for their flights. The transfers are also expected to be quick ass the customers expect to be at home or in their hotel rooms relieving themselves from their jetlag. At Birmingham Limo Hire, we offer you our swift airport transfers in Birmingham package’s best car rental option, the Range Rover SVR. Range Rover SVR has a horsepower of approximately 500 and a governed speed of 162 miles per hour. Therefore, our car rental and car hire customers can get to their homes, hotels, and airports in no time.

Inasmuch as our airport transfers in Birmingham services are fast, we aim for them to safe for our car rental and car hire customers. At Birmingham Limo Hire, our car rental customers ‘safety is our topmost priority. Our Range Rover SVR car rental has safety features that ensure the car rental and car hire customers’ safety during the airport transfers. The vehicle is equipped with a modern infotainment system that displays updated maps that guides our chauffeurs to get our car rental customers to the right destination.


Moreover, the car has a cruise control feature that assists the chauffeur to control the car’s speed automatically, and automatic emergency braking system, a driver assists parking camera, and a rear cross-traffic alert. Choose our Range Rover SVR and see for yourself not only how worth it but also how safe your car rental and car hire experience will be.

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